Over 19 Things to Do During Covid-19

Covid has devastated many lives. Deaths, illness, job losses, family and friend gathering alterations. It is truly tragic. And I sincerely express my condolences to those of you who have suffered any loss during this difficult time.

With gratitude, I can humbly say that my family and I have been safe, healthy, and enjoying one another. But what do we DO during this time that we wait for a vaccine? One of the things I've been doing is crafting my Scott Sater Photography Website here on WIX, on Facebook, and on Instagram. And I've been planning a new tri-fold brochure on Vistaprint.

I've been enjoying my quarantined family members, and life with my wife, three dogs, one puma-sized cat(!) and 41 chickens! We live "up north" in the woods, and there has been no shortage of barking, purring, clucking, and walking.

My great takeaway from the pandemic, since March of 2020, is that our pets LOVE it! Our golden retriever just told me the other day, "It's about TIME you and Mom got this figured out! STOP GOING TO WORK EVERY DAY!" OK, OK! We got it! Our cat, Odin, is 18 and ready for college. Of course he is not actually attending a post-secondary institution, unless they offer unlimited Greenie Treats and chicken out of vending machines.

He recently shared how much he appreciates his time with us. He's kind of "over-the-top." I mean, he had us all night, every night, even when we were gone during the day. But now he is, well, OVER-THE-MOON!

Have you noticed this with YOUR pets? The Pandemic ~ is their answer to prayer.

19 Things I'm Doing During Covid-19:

  1. Writing E-Mails to Family & Friends

  2. Writing Messenger Messages to Family & Friends

  3. Watching Photography YouTube Videos from my Online Mentors

  4. Playing the Piano

  5. Giving Online Music Lessons

  6. Trading in Gear at MPB and Adorama for New Photography Gear

  7. Buying a New Mirrorless Camera

  8. Editing Photos from Sessions

  9. Enjoying My Kids, Grandkid, Wife, and Pets

  10. Eating Good Food

  11. Drinking Lots of Water, and Staying Hydrated

  12. Hiking in the Woods

  13. Doing Dog Walks and More Dog Walks and More Dog Walks

  14. Journaling

  15. Staying in Touch with My Extended Family

  16. Watching Netflix Series (like "Haunting of Hill House," "Haunting of Bly Manor," "Queen's Gambit," "Ozark" when it returns

  17. Watching Raymond at Night

  18. Posting on FB, Instagram, Flickr

  19. Starting a Blog TODAY, December 7th, 2020

What's on YOUR List? Thanks for checking out Scott Sater Photography.

Sincerely...wishing you and yours good health, peace, and safety.

Love from the North Woods where Happy Pets are smothering us in love!

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