Peace Ten-Thousand Miles From Home <3

Good Friend and Business Partner Daniel Meckel and I recently created Transformative Journeys India LLC. It is a registered and trademarked business that "officially" means we are offering trips to India. We've been there eight times together, and have moved from St. Mary's College of Maryland Student Tours to Adults wanting an amazing experience.

When Covid-19 is in "check" with vaccines and a slowdown, we'll be ready to host both yoga and trekking tours to the Northern Himalaya region of India. In 1994, Dan first invited me to share in this life-changing experience. He was doing field research for his doctoral work, and I was tending the Pine River-Backus Bands, three amazing kids, and collaborating in life with my amazing wife.

It was a mind-blowing, heart-pounding, soul-deepening experience of a lifetime. And every time that we go, that we co-lead people into the villages, cities, trails, yoga sessions, campsites, views, and engagements ~ I come home richer.

2019 was no different. I had seen this village of Kanda Jakh four times. The kids there now knew us by face and by name. Bringing frisbees, bubbles, pens, games, and our selves for circle dancing and snacks, and spontaneous games of tag and chase, we had fallen in love with their kindness, their generous spirits, and their smiles.

One girl in particular whose name I do not know, but who is family with one of our guides, Suresh, has moved into my heart with her kindness, her playful joy, and her gentle spirit. I'm speechless when I arrive at Kanda, and moved nearly to tears when I leave.

The world is huge. It is also small. I know that this spinning globe upon which we all live is both fragile and durable, diverse yet unified, expansive yet cozy. In these eyes, in this "heart," in this connection ~ I find and rediscover over and over again that we are actually ONE. One humanity, one people, one sister and brotherhood.

My own heart will never be the same.

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