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Covid-19 has hit hard. It has not only changed lives, but transformed how we see life. Business online, masking, distance teaching & learning, curbside pick-ups, and the tragic loss of life for many has been difficult. For those of us on one side of the camera or the other, this has been a time of adjustment.

Though we can gather outside while keeping our distance, the pandemic demands resiliency, forbearance, and creativity. And as a photographer, I wondered if I could find some way to keep growing. I read up on the work of mentors in the field. and learned that there is a new opportunity to create art and share talent.

Welcome to the World of Pro Model Remote Sessions! I must admit that I was considering pro models as an addition to my session work regardless of the global situation. My portrait and travel sessions were all going great. But I felt a need to grow.

Enter Model Management from Barcelona, Spain. I paid my dues and began to post castings, receive applications, meet up online with models. Lo and behold ~ Three Pro Sessions with three distinctly beautiful, & talented, models! And let me add, "kind!" From New York to British Columbia to Belgium have emerged Victoria, Jocelyn, and Lady. And they are first class, impassioned, and compassionate people:

Victoria Pollard @victorialynne_modeling from Saratoga Springs, New York was the very first model to agree to work with me! We utilized an approach that I had learned while watching Tori Ichikowitz @toriichikowitz, Israel, demonstrate on her YouTube Channel . Victoria and I chose a "Classy Beverage" theme for our 40 minute session. Tori espoused to "shoot your screen" with your DSLR. She was thorough in her settings, and I matched them literally with f-stop, shutter speed, and ISO. In addition to Victoria's "first class act" of kindness and excellence, we were able to attain some classic looking images. Image quality with Zoom Shooting is limited to the quality of your screen and your laptop/cell phone cameras. Obviously live-shooting affords all the bells and whistles of best lighting, camera gear, and location. However...what a joy to meet cross-country with Victoria!

My second Pro Model Session featured Jocelyn Belisle @mercurial_madness from Vancouver, British Columbia. Following my session with Victoria, I had explored additional online blogs, articles, and YouTube videos on remote sessions. From the good people at Dell Computers and B&H Photo, I learned that screenshots might take away some of the challenges of glare and moire from DSLR capture. Jocelyn and I met on April 6th for a one hour session that I entitled, "Scarlet Secrets."

She was talented, passionate, kind in creating an environment of intimacy and red. Such a fun person! This session was again a Zoom event, but I used my Acer PC Laptop to capture the images. Indeed the glare and moire wave patterns were avoided. While the images were more vintage "old film" style than the crisp and clean IQ we've come to expect from our DSLRs, there was a deep magic that was attained, especially with her beautiful environment. This is one of the facets of these remote shoots: one really needs to be able to count on the model's patience and artistry, as they literally create the atmosphere. We indeed frame and discuss angles and set-up, and of course edit like crazy in our post-session. But they are critical in their part of the duet. Once again, I got to meet yet another fascinating and wonderful person with whom to create art!

Enter Shutter App, a beta software company that is working hard to develop a technology where the photographer "takes over" the Smartphone of the model from the home laptop, and bypasses ALL the issues of screen. The front-facing camera of the model is used to access the very best IQ possible, while capturing images through the model's phone while being hundreds or thousands of miles apart. As a Model Management Photographer, I had posted an online pro model casting that drew over 140 applicants from all over the world. I was overwhelmed with interest. Could I keep up and offer a high quality session experience for my models, while creating art with very talented people?

The Shutter App Staff were supportive in answering all of my questions over a one month period of time in preparation. Though there are yet bugs to fix in terms of the photographer receiving all of the images from the model's phone in a timely manner with iPhones, the IQ is first-rate. I was overjoyed to have Lady Orozco Toro, from Belgium, apply to my casting. Her Instagram Account has over 200 thousand followers. And one YouTube video on body-painting has generated half a million views. So her "yes" to my online remote session was a joy. I was excited to learn that I would be the very first photographer in her life to share an online session with her! Both Victoria and Jocelyn also experienced their first remote shoots with me!

Lady Orozco Toro/Lady Orofit @ladyorofit is a Fitness Model from Columbia, South America, who now lives in Belgium. Our session was shared on April 19th, 2021, between Northern Minnesota and her home across the Atlantic. We utilized the Shutter App software for our two hour session. While some of the downloading ran into technical issues, the majority of the images were fantastic. We were able to communicate through the Shutter platform while doing the shoot. Her buoyant and jubilant spirit was incredible. And her creative energy of body painting was inspiring. An important "TRUTH" emerged for me following our shoot: She is my Favorite Zebra of all time :)!

Looking ahead, I have three more online pro model shoots ready to go: A model from Brazil, another from Dubai, and still another from France. Am I the "Queen Bee" of online remote shooting? I can assure you that I am not. But I have learned, grown, and experienced a ton while creating art and images with talented and beautiful young models from all over the planet!

Welcome to my world of Pro Model Remote Sessions! Scott Sater Photography (Model Management Page) (Facebook) (My Photography Website) (Instagram Page) (Lady Orofit's Instagram Post on Our Session/16,352 Views as of 4.22.21)

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