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Winter Weather Soon Melts to "Catching the Light Within™"

Updated: Mar 27

It's that time in "Minnesnowta" where we lean toward Spring: even in this incredibly white world of swirl of the past two days of storm. As a portrait photographer in the Grand Marais, Brainerd Lakes, & Twin Cities of Minnesota, I have come to cherish the joys of winter cozy. Yet also a flow to the flowering, budding, fresh air of Spring, Summer & Autumn. The pro photography sessions do best in those three seasons!

I keep my Canon R and Canon 6D dusted and ready for engagement as soon as the HS Senior Sessions, Family Sessions, Engagement Sessions, Friends Sessions, and Maternity Sessions book. I remember Angelina (pictured above) from her memorable Senior Session at the Northern Pacific Railway Center in Brainerd last year. Her Mom (a former band student of mine at Pine River-Backus) had booked with me, and as I met this spirited and wonderful young person for the first time, we definitely had a blast as a three person group moving around that venue. The sun was warm, and golden hour happened at the very end!

"Catching the Light Within" is soon to be a registered trademark for me. This runs real and deep for me. The joys of catching quality imagery with a person "just being themself" in IS the essence of good photography. It's not "posing" or "politely smiling." It's being exactly oneself in the midst of having fun, sharing stories, laughing, sharing history OR meeting for the first time!

As we moved along through this Senior Session, I observed an unfolding of joy, laughter, and fun between us! It is one of the priviliges of shooting: to cultivate relaxation, joy, and spontaneity as we shoot.

Most of my photos this Winter have been of our Golden Retriever Inga! She is photogenic for sure! My trusty Google Pixel Smartphone has "done the trick" of catching Inga running, sniffing, and trotting down the roads and trails with joy.

Yet I can't wait for the gear to come out. The lenses, the people, the locations, the love of shooting.

Please consider Scott Sater Photography for your next session! I'll meet you at the place of your choosing, and we'll catch the light within for sure!

Come On, Spring!

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