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Updated: Mar 9

Covid has created a scenario of Zooming for many. For me it has meant online music lessons. And as a professional photographer living in the tundra, it has meant waiting for warmer weather for my in-person sessions. That is until Friday of last week for a Pro Model Session on Zoom!

Victoria Pollard is a professional model from Saratoga Springs, New York. And I "met" her on Model Management, another new experience for me as I expand my reach as a photographer. She and I decided to create a Zoom Session to simplify any flights to New York or Minnesota. And to just provide each other with the opportunity to have some fun. This was her very first Zoom Modeling Experience as well as my very first Zoom Photography Session. It was also my first ever shoot with a pro model.

My background preparation was graced by another professional by the name of Tori Ichikowitz. She is a photographer from Israel. And I had the pleasure of viewing her YouTube Video Tutorial on how to do a virtual shoot. And how to enjoy the collaboration! She was spot-on. She was an incredible help to me, both informationally and giving me some insights over Facebook Messenger: ISO 200, 30th/second, f-stop between 4-7.1 And have fun creating!

The big challenge with screen to screen shooting is moire (pronounced mwar) And indeed it was an issue, even with those settings. processing images from my Canon 6D rather than doing computer laptop screenshots, I had the chance to fully edit. Tori's wisdom was also to not look for completely "clean" imagery such one achieves with in-person live shooting. But expect a kind of "vintage" look. I liken it to LP's vs CD's.

With expectations of crisp clear IQ down to the expected "old film" style image, I was ready to go. Tori was helpful, Victoria was willing, and I was hopeful. The session was amazing! And I highly recommend to both experienced and new pro photographers to give a Zoom Session a try. I was blessed to meet Ms. Pollard! She was exuberant, kind, artistic, professional, and fun! We had a blast! We connected about this later in mutual thank-yous for the fun. While I felt disappointed in the amount of moire I had to wade through, and the lack of those "nailed it" images...I got to meet someone that I would otherwise never have had opportunity to collaborate with in a photo session. And in those 40 minutes, we had great moments.

We titled our session, "Elegant Beverage!" We had corresponded on clothing for her, location (her home), and preferred themes. Landing on this was a hoot, as she made that one glass of wine last for the entire time. Saratoga Springs is clearly a beautiful location. I deeply wished I could have flown out there in my personal jet (J/K!)

The set-up was my Acer Laptop, my Canon 6D on a Neewer Tripod mounted toward my screen. Victoria's set up was elegant preparations of beauty, home, her iPhone, and fine white wine. The sun streamed in her windows and we quickly dove in to a great session after joyfully meeting and introductions. One of my important take-aways is that quality software for editing following a Zoom Photography Session is a real saver. It allowed me to play with the images creatively.

If you are a pro photographer wanting to meet people, and have been "holed up and lonely" for long enough ~ let me invite you to give this a go. I was blessed to meet Victoria Pollard, because she is so nice, and she is so amazing. It's possible that if one of the two of you are a "crab" or "cranky," it could be miserable. But that would be true in-person, too! Fortunately the two of us were fun, lively, and at least one of us was true pro (VP!) I not only recommend this as a kind of modeling session, but can recommend Model Management as a place of talented people. Let me know if you do this!

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