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My Session with a Friend Who is a Nashville Recording Artist!

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

When the Great Northern News Media from North Central Minnesota invited me to be the photographer for their Cover Story on Lacey Canfield-Luckett, I had little idea as to what that meant. After visiting with Lacey, and doing a photo session with her on her Triple D Ranch just South of Hackensack, Minnesota, I now know exactly what an honor this was!

Sharing two hours with a professional singer/songwriter who just happens to live on 220 Acres five miles away from your own home ~ is pretty cool. She was the essence of kind, fun, funny, creative, and generous. Later her husband Collin arrived, and I was able to include him in the photo shoot. Lacey grew up here visiting her Grandfather. Little did she know she would one day become the co-owner of the DDD Ranch with her life partner.

One of the most amazing things about Lacey, besides her incredible singing voice, the fact that she writes her own music, the fact that at age 18 from Maple Grove, Minnesota, she began a pro recording career, and now has three CD's that she adores her horses! And they love her back! I have never seen a group of more mellow horses in my life! They are incredibly fond of her. They seem more like "Dog-Horses." They have a great life with she and Collin, roaming the green fields all day.

When we were sitting in the grassy field, Lacey shared with me about her journey from Minnesota to Nashville, and back to Minnesota. It was clear to me that her love of place and animals runs as deep as does her love of music. She gives guitar lessons during the day, while her husband is an engineer for a local business. I could only imagine how those students must feel getting music training from someone of her calibre. She also gives horse lessons on riding and care.

This Cover Story for the Great Northern News is due to come out any day! I am ecstatic about the privilege of getting to do a Cover Photo for a magazine/newspaper. And mostly I am exuberant over meeting these two wonderful people!

Sometimes in life we find that there is a beautiful collision between talent & kindness! I feel blessed beyond words to have shared this session with Lacey & Collin Luckett. I gave them four 8X10 framed pics from our shoot! They were thrilled and expressed deep gratitude.

I am feeling quite thankful these days as well! (My Wix Photography Website)

Hot Off the Press! The Great Northern News June 2021 Issue is Out! The writer of the article on Lacey Canfield just messaged me! I have not yet seen it, but will post here when I get a copy :)!!

Grateful to Susan Ready/Article Writer & Douglas Dene Taylor/Editor & Publisher of Great Northern News for Inviting Scott Sater Photography to Provide These Photos for This Cover Story!!

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