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Life is Golden!

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

In the Fall of 2020, we bought our Legendary "Dog-Of-Our-Life Robin," now 15 years young, a puppy named "Inga!" To say that the two of them have changed our lives is an understatement. To say that they have changed every single moment of our days is the truth. Robin is a therapy dog that accompanied Lisa to day treatment centers for teens, and assisted us with love during the elder care that we provided her parents late in life. Robin ~ is a Saint. She is one of those dogs that understands you when you are looking for your keys, can see something in your eyes when you've had a rough day at work, and can feel the emotions that no human could even detect. She is magical and angelic. There are times that we just want to believe that she will be alive forever. Of we learned with our Beloved Odin, "The Cat-Of-Our-Life" who passed away in February, one month shy of 19 years old...the Rainbow Bridge and our One Fine Day Reunion is reality. But in this lifetime, the mentorship and the joy that Robin has given us as humans, and now her Kid Sis Inga as a role model with her love ~ is priceless.

Inga has her own brand of love and energy. The crying whenever we come home...from a long day at work, when she has had to be without us for 8 LONG hours...her jubilation over the five dog walks per day with Daddy and Robin...and her seeing deer and fox at the edge of the woods across our field...define her own unique brand of doghood.

As a professional photographer who also has been doing candids of family, friends, trips, and furry family ever since my grade school years, I cherish the moments of interaction, the expressions of love, and the simple grace that pets move through our lives and hearts. This paw on Robin's face from Sister Inga is one of my faves.

With these two...Life is Indeed Golden!

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