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Priceless Perspective

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Last summer I was privileged to do the engagement session for Jillian & Jason. We shared a delightful time capturing their love at the shore of Cass Lake in Northern Minnesota. It is clear to me that to be witness to two who are centered in on one another is a gift. Add to that, this blissful canine family member, and we have a shot that I will not soon forget.

As a new professional photographer following my 38 years of public school instrumental music teaching where I lived "in the front of the room," means I'm making adjustments in my new role. For decades my goal was to "make their day," teach them to "play their day," and to "listen across the room" and center in on each other. We "painted the air" with artistry and creative energy. Now being a photographer means being witness to others in a way that is a different kind of leading. It is capturing light, expression, and the non-verbal energies of love.

This pic of Jillian and Jason and PoochDog was my fave of the day. They are not looking at me, and as Antoine Saint de Exupery said, "Love consists of looking outward together in the same direction." Only PoochDog sees them from the front. He has a vantage point that even I do not share. Reminded me of the scene in the film "Lost in Translation," where Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson share a moment just between them. Murray whispers something in Scarlett's ear that we are not meant to hear. This photo from behind calls that energy up within me.

Jillian and Jason got married this past weekend. And I shall always remember how, at Cass Lake, I learned a thing or twelve about "Priceless Perspective."

Thank-you for reading. I am blessed to have painted the air with shared phrases of artistic passion for 38 years. Now in year five of capturing light & relationship, I continue my journey. God is good in how we can re-create ourselves in new ways.

~ Scott Sater Photography

May, 2022

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