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Ian Smith at Lebanon Hills in August 2020

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

One of my fave Senior Portrait Sessions was with Ian Smith, and His Mom, Jenny! The day was lovely as we met at Lebanon Hills in Eagan, Minnesota. Ian was a student of mine for three years at Shakopee East JHS. He played percussion in my band, was a leader there and in Jazz Band and East Chamber Winds. He was the "picture" of talented, dedicated, and artistic. So when his Mom & Dad invited me to be his Senior Photographer, I was elated.

When Mother Nature cooperates in a Minnesota Summer, it's tough to beat. Ian, Jenny, and I walked to this bridge above.

Fresh air, enough breeze to keep the bugs off, and the light of the Northern Latitudes make a summer shoot amazing!

Water is everywhere in Minnesota, even in the Twin Cities! When they say 10000 Lakes, they really mean it. I've read one source that brings the number up to 15-20 thousand if you include other state's "lakes" that are actually "ponds."

Wishing Ian Smith, and the Entire Shakopee High School Class of 2021 my very best! Such a joy to be able to celebrate this young man's amazing gifts to the world!

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