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Jenna Senior Session/June 2020 at Lindsey Lake!

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

In the summer of 2020, a precious family joined me for a Senior Portrait Session on our property at Lindsey Lake in Cass County, Minnesota. They were not the first family to do a session here, but they were the first to do a Senior Session. And Jenna was fabulous! We had two days of fun, as her parents are life friends of ours as well.

She absolutely "killed it" in the sense of melting into the environment with ease and poise and her absolutely relaxed and loving self. What I learned as a take-away from this session, was not how wonderful and amazing Jenna is ~ She IS! But I knew that! It was how her countenance of peace, presence, and persona FIT this environment so perfectly! On the swing as seen above....

In the grass of our field as seen above....

"Holding a tree" in the woods as pictured here...

And against our barn as pictured above! Her grace, poise, picturesque persona IS gorgeous and stunning. But knowing her makes it all the more so, because she is so incredibly kind, caring, perceptive, compassionate, and globally-minded about all those issues that the world is struggling with at this time. She is one of those people who makes this world much better. Doing her Senior Portrait Session was such an honor. Friendship with her, with her parents and brother has been precious for a long time. Having her, having them "Come North" to be with us, and share place along with session ~ was fantastic.

I would like everyone to know what she knows: Tree Swing, Rustic Barn, Grass Field, Forest, Country Dirt Road, Winding River, and Lake all await those who choose Lindsey Lake Acres for their portrait or family session.

Thank-you, Jenna, Mike, & Kris! AMAZING time last summer!!!

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